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JavaScript Quiz App Pt1: Planning

Project Overview:

Using vanilla JavaScript, I want to build a quiz application that tests the user’s knowledge of the history of JavaScript. A score count and the current question will be stored in local storage so that users can leave the page and come back without losing their score or place in the quiz. I also want high-scoring users to be able to create and add their own quiz questions to the question database. The quiz will initially have five questions to start, but with enough questions, the quiz itself will be randomly generated.

Project Goals and Outcomes:

  1. A completed quiz app that shows off my skills with vanilla JavaScript.

Project Features:

  1. A 2-page website. A quiz page and an β€œadd-quiz-question” page. But this second page is only accessible if the user has a password.
  2. If users score above 75%, they will be given a password that can be used to gain access to a page that allows them to add questions to the quiz.
  3. Current scores and current question information will be stored in local storage.
  4. Everything will be dynamically generated except when moving between pages.

Next Steps:

  1. Determine what questions will be used to constitute the quiz.
  2. Design: Determine what the quiz home page and "add-quiz-question" page will look like.

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