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A glimpse into a dream

Landing page of an imaginery healing center

From an idea in my head to a visual on my screens

I started to learn coding 3-4 months ago. While starting out, I strongly believed that it would allow me to become a contributor from a simple consumer.

Recently, while continuing the freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Certification program, I came across the second last project. It required me to build a Product Landing Page.

That's when it struck me. I realized that I can try and build something special here.

I have a dream to move to Canada someday with my family. And there we would have a place of our own that will help people in their journey to discover who they are.

So, with that idea in my head, I started building the project. I imagined a landing page for the place I am calling Herb & Healing!

The idea for the landing page was simple. It needs to be honest about what it is. It needs to reflect simplicity, fun, and a safe outlook for the curious eyes.

So, I started building it. Poured my thoughts into the design and the content. It is 100% authentic (except from the svg elements that I collected from Canva).

CodeNewbie is a special place for me. The community and the admins shared their positivity when I needed it the must. So, I decided to share the project here. So, here you go:

Live site

The github repo

**Did you like it? What did you think of it? Do share your feedback if you get a few moments to write down a few lines.



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