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Now i know how to start

Name: Erick Maldonado

Title: Starting my way as a Frontend Developer

#CNC2022 Cohort: Cohort #1


First of all, i felt like i need something to work on, i felt like i had no reason to live. So i started trying new things: drawing, marketing and now coding. I've always been good at coding, i studied that in high school, so i decided to take it seriously. This is for finding a way to live in peace, knowing that i found what i'm good at. And this is the first step to making something that i've always wanted to do: make videogames.

Mission 1

I was in need to know why i was doing this

I felt like i was preparing to start a long trip. i made clear why i want to start learning, i'm still using those goals to keep studying hard everyday

Mission 2

This was a hard part because i seriously thought if i was going to start learning something more employebable in my country or start with the thing that i really want.

Finally, i decided to learn Javascript, CSS and HTML to be a frontend developer.

Mission 3

I had to start thinking how i was going to spend my time to learn what i want.

i didn't think it too much because Platzi was the best source to learn and i had plenty of time until now (i got a job so i will not be able to spend much time as before)

Missions 4 & 5

This time, i did my best to learn all what i needed to learn.

It was good, studing at platzi was really good, i still don't know much about JS, but in these two months i learned how to use a linux O.S. and how to use GIT and GITHUB!! and now i'm learning the basics of HTML and CSS. i really feel like i did so much.
I offered my help and i hope to work with some of the buddies i talked someday soon :)

i didn't have to change much to improve my coding sesions, but i learned that is hard to study at night.

Final Reflections on #CNC2022's "Start Coding" Challenge

Doing this was good, i challenged myself and now i see the results o doing that. i feel more prepared for my future. i won't deny that it was hard sometimes, and i still wondering if i'm going the right way, but i can't give up so soon. i'm still searching that thing that i'd love to do everyday of my life.
I really recommend learning how to use git and github. that is the most important thing to learn before learning a programing language!!

What's Next

Now, that i'm better than yesterday, i feel confident to keep walking on this road and see what is beyond. hoping to find something wonderful.

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