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Tableau relevance

Excel and Tableau are excellent media for data analysis. But, each tool has specific advantages associated with it. Let’s dig deeper into this debate- MS Excel has always been the first choice for analysts in every avenue since its foundation. Through MS Excel, many MS Office tools have been deployed keeping its functionalities handy and easy to comprehend, for example, Spreadsheets.

Although, there’s no denial of the fact that very large data sets can’t be handled with Excel as it deals with structured data. On the other hand, Tableau is an incredible and quickest developing information representation apparatus utilized in the Business Intelligence Industry. For those who already have tableau’s knowledge through any Tableau Certification, it can be very beneficial in the long run as it's the most in-demand skill in industries now. This software has made data analysis much easier for those who don’t have prior coding or programming experience.

It deals with big data and its analysis in form of dashboards and worksheets. In Tableau, you are allowed to investigate information without knowing the appropriate response that you need. With the in-assembled highlights like information mixing and drill-down, you will actually want to decide the varieties and information designs.

The Tableau Product Suite comprises of -

Tableau Desktop
Tableau Public
Tableau Online
Tableau Server
Tableau Reader

Tableau, undoubtedly, is much simpler and it has gathered interest among individuals from all areas like business, scientists, various enterprises, and so forth. So I’d say that Tableau is a good choice for data visualization as it stands ahead in technological functionalities but for small data sets, Excel goes just fine :)

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