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Hello! We're Stream and we proudly support CodeLand!

Hello! We're Stream, helping you build scalable activity feeds and in-app chat messaging in a few hours instead of weeks.

We provide product teams with everything that they need to add activity feeds or chat to their app. This includes a UI kit, scalable APIs, frontend components for React, React Native, Flutter, iOS or Android, integrated machine learning/AI, and a management dashboard.

Stream’s Activity feeds & Chat APIs; SDKs are available in Startup, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise packages tailored to meet your unique needs. Small teams and personal dev projects can also qualify for the free Stream Maker Account. Sign up here.


At Stream, we are motivated to achieve mastery of our domains, build lasting relationships, and be transparent team players.

Stream offers our team members the tools and equipment they need to be successful, comprehensive health coverage, paid vacation, stock options, a 401K, commuter benefits.

We currently have a handful of open engineering, product, and Developer advocate roles located all over the world (and remote). We'd love to hear from you!

>> View open roles at Stream

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Stream is giving away a Blue Yeti USB microphone.

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Connect with us

We are so excited to connect with the amazing attendees of CodeLand 2021! Have a question or comment for our team? Leave it in the thread below!

Latest comments (8)

muditabaid profile image
Mudita Baid

It was a wonderful experience with codeland 2021 and feeling great to get to know many new and such great organizations.

varghesejose2020 profile image
Varghese Jose

Looking forward to grow along with the awesome community

aaron profile image
Aaron McCollum

Hey Stream team, thanks for being here! I'm Aaron, a self-teaching developer learning JavaScript. I'm wanting to make a career shift into development after learning HTML at a former job and loving it. Now I've learned CSS and have started learning JavaScript.

Do you all do informational interviews with folks interested in learning more about Stream? I'd love to hear about your culture, what makes developers successful there, and what you all look for when hiring and any tips you have for someone like me who is starting out.

singhsuryansh12 profile image
Suryansh Singh

Hey Stream! I am a final-year engineering student graduating in 2022. Do you have any internships or full-time roles open in software developement for a new graduate? I would love to work with this team.

callumreid profile image

Excited to see you here and explore your current open positions!

varghesejose2020 profile image
Varghese Jose


ujjwaltwitx profile image
Ujjwal Pratap Singh

Feeling great to be here at CodeLand 2021. Looking forward to grow along with the awesome community

sparsh02 profile image

Hey Stream, so nice to see you guys here. : )