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How does Microsoft Azure work?

How does Azure work?

Behind the scenes Azure uses a technology called Virtualization!

Virtualization! separates the tight coupling between the computers hardware and it's operating system using an abstraction layer called Hypervisor!

Hypervisor emulates all the functions of a real computer, such as CPU and a Virtual machine.

  • It can run multiple Virtual machine's or (VM's) at the same time.
  • Optimize the capacity of the hardware and each virtual machine can run any compatible software

Interesting isn't it?

Let's try to know more about how does it work?

So, how does it work?

  • Each data center has many blocks with servers.
  • Each server will include a Hypervisor to run multiple virtual machine's
  • A network switch will be provided to connect all of these servers.
  • One server from each block will be running a special software called Fabric controller.


  • Each Fabric controller will be connected to another software known as Orchestrator
  • Orchestrator will be responsible for everything that happens within Azure (Including responding to a user's request!)
  • Users make a request using Orchestrator's web API
  • The web API can be called by many tools including the user interface of the Azure portal!

When a user creates a request to create a Virtual machine -> Orchestrator packages everything required for a service. -> chooses the best server block -> Sends the package and request to Fabric controller!

Once the Fabric controller has created a virtual machine -> User can connect to this virtual machine!

You're now familiar about how Azure works in realtime!
It's that simple and easy to understand!!

Thanks a lot for reading!

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