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Beginner gamedev? Has anyone used Scratch?


I've just found this community and am on Day One of #startcoding. I recently started my journey into CompSci with the EdX course "CS50T" (I recommend it for anyone who's a total beginner!). The final assignment is creating something using MIT's Scratch. Of course I want to learn how to actually code, but being able to see something right away is great. I think I might make my "mission goal" to get this simple game working well and then re-create it using a game engine and code. Would anyone have advice on choosing a language for gamedev?

Or I might try following this post:

Here's my little game by the way:
I'm still tweaking it.

Has anyone tried out Scratch before? Was it a good jumping-off point?

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KennyKK2 • Edited

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Hey there! If you're a beginner in game development, Scratch is a fantastic place to start. It's super user-friendly with its drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to learn the basics of coding and game design. Tons of tutorials and a supportive community make it a great first step.

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