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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Start Coding" Cohort 1] What are your coding goals?

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Kierra Miner

Why are you learning to code?I want to start learning to code because I eventually want to get a job using my coding skills.

What’s your goal?
What’s a tangible learn-to-code goal you hope to reach in 6 months? In 6 months I hope to have a working knowledge of front end coding languages. 12 months? I would like to add back end coding languages to my arsenal.

What does successful learning look like to you? Is it about building a bunch of projects, having a deeper understanding of a particular technology, passing a certification, something else? Visualize and write down what success looks like to you. Success for me will be having a deep understanding of HTML, CSS, etc. Being able to on my own create programs in coding languages.

How will you measure that success? Is it about the amount of time spent, badges collected, courses completed? Are there tools you can use to track your learning so that you can measure your progress and document your success? When I am able to add my projects to open source areas and start a portfolio,I will feel successful.

Do you have a timeline, or any deadlines, associated with your learning goals? Do you need to pass an exam by a certain day? Do you need to start applying for jobs by a certain time? Do want to finish a project on a particular date? Jot down any due dates or important time-related criteria. I have no deadlines. I am allowing myself as much time as I need to feel confident in my skills.