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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Start Coding" Cohort 1] What language/framework have you decided to learn?

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Kierra Miner

Which platform/field would you like to work in?

I want to work in [front end web] development .
I want to learn Bootstrap for front end and Python on the backend.

What do you want to build first?

I want to build a [website].

My priority with learning to code is...
Having fun? Building websites quickly? Having a widely used/practical skill? Writing efficient code?

My priority is learning to write code and have a great understanding of coding languages.

Do you know CSS and/or HTML?
If not, that’s totally fine! If you don’t know CSS or HTML, these are good starting points.

Not yet.

Do you like to be more self-sufficient when learning things or completing projects? Or do you like to work in groups?
Jot down your thoughts on your learning style here. Certain frameworks/languages have active communities with lots of resources while others require a bit more independence.

I enjoy getting things done on my own but I understand having a great community is important.

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Raphael Jun Jie Jong

Sounds interesting especially when you mentioned Python on backend. Good luck and have fun!