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What is the Perfect 24-inch Gaming Monitor for Your Setup?

Finding the easiest ways to take your gameplay to new heights? A good gaming monitor holds quite a bar. The right gaming monitor can improve your gaming experience by offering immersive visuals. But which one is for you? Sifting through markets to find the perfect model is like finding a needle in the hay sack. So, what is the best way out with flying colours? 

We have covered you with 24-inch monitor features must-haves in your shopping list. 

Screen Resolution

Visuals are what catches gamers' attention. Screen resolutions matter the most. It adds a hint of detail, bringing up a new level of visual clarity. 24-inch gaming monitors go well with a 1080p (Full HD) resolution. With the power of high visual quality, 1080p supports most of the high-end graphics card needs. 

For more powerful GPUs, 1440p (QHD) is most suitable. 

Remember, higher resolutions take more graphics card power to perform well. 

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate helps smoothen the visuals. Higher refresh rates are often preferred by gamers to seamlessly execute the gaming actions. 

While 60Hz is the ideal number, it is not as liberating as gamers want for fast-paced games. For most games, a 144Hz or 240Hz refresh rate gaming monitor results in the most flowy and frictionless gaming experience. However, ensuring the graphics card and monitor's refresh rate compatibility is paramount. 

Response Time:

It is one of the integrals of the gaming monitors. Response time indicates the speed at which pixels switch colours. Low response time is what everyone should eye on. High response time results in visual disruptions that spoil the gaming experience. 

Panel Design:

Gaming monitors flaunt panels with different builds and designs. Hence, reviewing their pros and cons is paramount. 

As such 3-panel types are famously preferred, namely

Twisted Nematic (TN): TN panels are best for competitive-level gaming as they have the lowest or fastest response time. But they struggle with poor viewing angles and colour accuracy that gamers often don't like. 

**In-Plane Switching (IPS): **IPS panels create colour like no other with the added benefit of viewing angles. Gamers get to enjoy excellent visual and gaming experiences. However, IPS panels lose with TN panels in the sense that they have a high response time. 

Vertical Alignment (VA): VA panels give the base of the benefits of TN and IPS panels. Excellent response times, deep colours, and better accuracy are some of the features gamers can expect. 

In short, opt for TN panels for competitive gaming and IPS or VA panels for visual appeal. 

Adaptive Sync Technology: 

It is essential to stop screen tearing which can spoil the experience even with the best gaming setup. How does Adaptive Sync Technology help? It matches the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU's frame rate. The result? Smooth gaming experience. AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync are the two known ones. But the decision depends on the one that matches with your graphics card. 


For versatility, connectivity is essential. Multiple connectivity opens the door to better gameplay. It means the more ports the monitor has the better it serves the gaming needs. 

When looking for connectivity options, HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB are some of the standards and must-haves.  

Read Reviews and Recommendations:

Product reviews are eye-openers giving insights into the actual reality related to the performance and reliability of the product, whereas recommendations instill a sense of trust for the brand and the product. Thus both are highly recommended. 


Without planning, the purchase can unimaginably attack pockets. The same is the case with gaming monitors. 24-inch gaming monitors are available in various ranges, from affordable to high-end. 

Setting a fixed budget helps easily narrow down options, and reduces unnecessary expenditure on unrequired features.

Brand and Warranty:

A good brand ensures good products and warranty futureproofing and security. Well-known brands are something gamers should eye on for better products, warranty and coverage.


Gaming monitors are expensive like anything. Hence proper planning right from selecting features to futureproofing is necessary. Future-proofing may include, expandable RAM, and additional connectivity options that keep you going despite technological advancements. 

Testing, testing, testing:

Nothing beats the power of visiting physical stores and testing the products in person. The same is the case with 24-inch monitors. This has many benefits too. It helps assess the image quality, design, build and more which isn't possible with online purchases.   


Buying a perfect 24-inch gaming monitor isn't daunting. Keep the above pointers handy to make spot-on decisions. Also, research is something that one should not sacrifice when making any purchase. 

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