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Why Should You Use Animated Infographics To Bring Your Content To Life

What are Animated Infographics?

Infographics are a popular marketing tool used by businesses to inform their customers about anything from how-tos to product showcases. Yet, infographics aren’t just an easy way to give your customers information. They are fun, colorful images paired with words and data. They can be a more effective way to make difficult and dull information easier for customers to follow and understand.

How can they help your business?

Next, now that we’ve covered what infographics are, we will discuss what makes them effective for businesses. First and foremost, the brain takes in 90% of its information in the form of images. As humans, we are best at remembering pictures. It is interesting to note that we can remember about 65% of the information we see each day if it is presented to us visually. Yet, we only remember 10% of the information given to us orally.

Aside from the science of how infographics affect the brain, we will also focus on how infographics can increase web traffic. First, pages that include images are more likely to be viewed than posts that just have words. Next, posts that include both images and words are some of the most engaging and effective ways to advertise. Infographics help improve and optimize your brand image for search engines. Additionally, they can be effective ways to get your information on as many platforms as possible. Infographics can be shared on social media, websites, media kits, emails, or anywhere else. Infographics also stand the test of time and can be used for months, or even years.

Simplify Communication

Let’s think about this scenario for a moment. If you were to be presented with a PDF of information with no pictures and a PDF of the same information with pictures, which would you most likely choose to read? You probably chose the document with pictures because it is easier to understand, right? When communicating information to customers, you want them to understand the story you are trying to tell. If you use pictures with simple captions, customers are more likely to comprehend the topic you are presenting.

Inviting and Attractive

Using infographics is a great way to attract potential customers to your business. When customers see an article with an interesting picture, they are more likely to click on it. When advertising your business using infographics, it is important to make it unique and amusing. It needs to have inviting colors, easy-to-read font, and a reduced amount of words. If your information is attractive, your viewers will have an easier time finding the motivation to read the important information.

Boost SEO

You might be wondering how an infographic can help boost your SEO. For starters, infographics have the power to increase the ranking factor and authority of your website and business. When you post a high-quality infographic, it becomes enticing to other users because it gives them a way to keep their audience interested, while still giving credit to the creator of the infographic. When these users repost your infographic, it creates a backlink to your website, increasing your Google ranking.

Simply put, the more appealing the infographic, the more likely it is to be shared by others. The more backlinks the infographic gets, the higher the ranking of your business on Google. Lastly, the higher ranking on Google, the higher SEO your business will have.

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Why Should You Use Animated Infographics To Bring Your Content To Life

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Andrew Baisden

When done correctly animations can really bring out the best in a website.