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Tauri StClaire
Tauri StClaire

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Front Desk to Front End p.23

Cover Photo by MD_JERRY

Why hello, welcome to my blog about learning front end development skills! So nice to have you!

If you're just arriving for the first time, I'm a student and an enrollment counselor for the wonderful coding and design school Skillcrush!

There have been twists in my journey the past few months (mostly good, but some.. stomach wrenching! I had food poisoning last week on my birthday weekend y'all!) but I am now starting to finalize the first iteration of my portfolio!

Here's a few things I learned and thought about over these past two weeks:

Making more commits is def making my Github language more effective.

I've been figuring out my understanding of responsive images. I like to do the blanketing thing of an image over a <figure> tag where you style to figure, but it was giving me issues in my portfolio! I opened this up for discussion in my trustworthy Skillcrush Slack community.
Just being more precise with my width measurements turned out to solve the issues! img { width: 100% } was allowing my images to stretch out way too much while changing to larger screen sizes, but img { max-width: 100% } fixed that issue right up while still allowing me the responsiveness!

I also started to have some issues getting my boxes to FLEX the way I was wanting them to, but I asked more questions on the Skillcrush community Slack channel and one of the amazing instructors Lisa pointed out some features in Chrome Dev Tools that I should have been using this whole time!! The flex features are amaaazing! Once I started really working that after launching from the official Chrome tools instructional videos regarding flex features, I was just like ✨🚀 and I made SO MUCH progress today!

Here's my tablet footer showing off that flex-flow: row wrap property
My tablet footer showing off that flex-flow: row wrap property

I'm still having some issues I need to work through
Such as tablet ONLY shows a giiiiant gap in the content for the projects section??
Tablet ONLY shows a giiiiant gap in the content for the projects section

But I am ESPECIALLY proud of seamlessly putting in my CSS grid for the hero area of my desktop styles today!
My avatar and text arranged in a neat grid for the hero area

NOW I'm ready to share my Github and the Live Site, so check it out!

So close, I will def be finalizing this basic but SOLID baby next week! (made beautiful by the AMAZING AVATAR that my stepdad ((a black freelancing graphic artist)) made for me!!!!)

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McKenna Bramble

It's looking great! I still can't get over how awesome your avatar turned out 💗

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JoneKiprek • Edited

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