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Best Data Science Courses in 2023 for Beginners

Data science is the term related to deep knowledge definition of the flow of large amounts of information in the organization repository. Technology, algorithm development and data interference are included in it. The aggregate result of the above three is utilized in analytical problem solutions that are very complex.

Various organizations use data science to figure out meaningful insights from unstructured and raw data. Nowadays every business or industry or organization requires a well-skilled data scientist. And in the modern era, the data scientist profession is becoming the highest-paid profession.

Data science is a type of technology in which processes are analyzed deeply so theta data can be figured out in huge amounts for finding the repeating patterns. Data science also supports the organization in terms of competition, and price and also helps in dealing with the market.

Data science is also for figuring out the data origin, finding how we can use this information and how different projects are benefited from the help of this data.

Best Data Science Courses

It is required to take into consideration some aspects while selecting the best course for data science. So below are some aspects that must be considered while selecting the best data science course.

Syllabus covered: Here we have provided every data science detail with its syllabus coverage.

Course outcomes and highlights: We will provide information about the course features like placement assistance, hands-on project, etc which will also help the candidate in learning the skills related to the market. Along with it, different course outcomes are also considered.

Course Duration: The duration of the course is also one of the major factors that must be taken into consideration while selecting the course.

Skills required: Basic skills set the user required to enrol in that course is also considered.

Course Fees: Every course will rank based on its features and fee structure. So we have also provided the fee structure of every course.

Best Data Science Courses in 2023 for Beginners (Free and Paid)

Now we are going to discuss the best data science course for beginners. Let us start.

1- IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is started to allow candidates to learn the foundations of data science. And it uses technologies and tools which are used by professionals for data science hands-on practice. And the candidate does not require any prior knowledge for this course.

For providing the best learning and the latest job-ready facility, this program includes nine online courses. During the course, It uses real data science tools and real-world datasets for data science hands-on practice. Which makes it one of the most desired data science courses among data science beginners.

Course Highlights:

Tools and technologies that data science professionals use are used in this course for the hands-on practice of data science.
Importing data sets, cleaning and then visualizing and analyzing opportunities are also provided to the candidate so that they can make use of Python programming for making machine learning models.

It also allows candidates to utilize their skills, tools and technologies for completing the project by performing operations on the real-world data set.

Course Duration: 11 Months(4 hours of study a week)

Course Fees: 234$ USD

Skills Required: Any person with any job background or academics can join this certificate course. And the candidate does not require prior computer or coding for this course. But apart from that if the candidate knows concepts of computer, communication and high school math then it will be very beneficial for this course but yes this is not a Mandatory need of this course.

2 - Scaler Data Science Course

Scaler Data Science certification course is one of the most popular and best data science for both beginners and experienced in data science. And the design of this course is based on advice from the top 50 tech companies. In this course, the candidate gets an opportunity to implement the real-time project and they will also get real-time feedback for their work from the professionals.

Data science and machine learning are considered one of the most difficult topics of computer science, but this course provides structured modules for this topic with the opportunity for hands-on practice and the opportunity of working with real-world business projects.

Course Highlights:

The opportunity for hands-on practice and work with real-time data.

The course is developed with the advice of many top companies.
A 1:1 communication option is also provided for queries and doubt-solving so that the candidate's career path can be easily defined.

Real-time feedback along with mock interviews is also provided.

Opportunity for learning 45+ technologies including PyTorch, tensorflow, git, pyspark, Kafka, etc. is also provided with this course.

An opportunity to read Deep learning, Machine learning and Data science research papers.

Amazing teachers give live classes and all the queries of the candidates are also resolved.

Course Duration: 14 months

Course Fees: $3631 USD

Skills Required: Programming is not required for enrolling in the course. The beginner module will cover the basic concepts. And no compulsion to the knowledge of data science and machine learning. This course starts from sketch and covers every basic and advanced concept.

3 - Professional Certificate in Data Science (Harvard)

In academics, industry, organization and government departments, nowadays demand for developers with data science knowledge is increasing. So the HarvardX data science certification program is started to provide basic skills and knowledge to the candidate for dealing with real-world analytics problems. This course covers concepts like regression, probability, inference, machine learning, etc.

And data wrangling with dplyr, R programming developing knowledge, files and folders management using Unix/Linux, git and GitHub version controlling is also supported in this course.

Course Duration: 1 year 5 months (2 - 3 hours per week)

Course Fees: $894 USD

Course Highlights:

  • Learning R programming basic skills.
  • Statistics concepts implementation learning such as modelling, probability and inference.
  • Basic tools learning that implement RStudio, GitHub, git, LINUX/UNIX.
  • Machine learning-related algorithms implementation.
  • Basic data science concepts explanation with real-world examples.

Skills Required: Candidates must have mathematics and statistics basic knowledge but no compulsion that candidate must possess knowledge related to coding and programming.

4 - MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science from MIT

MicroMasters program in Statistics and Data Science (SDS) course for data science was developed by The MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) and MITx. 4 online courses are included in it and it also provides an opportunity to take the virtual proctored assessment. This course helps candidates in becoming informed and effective practitioners of data science.

Course Highlights:

An opportunity is provided to the candidate to become a machine learning, data science and statistics master.
Learning of building and development of algorithms of machine learning.

Opportunity to learn both unsupervised and supervised methods, deep neural networks, etc. comes under supervised learning and clustering techniques, etc. are included under unsupervised learning.

Becomes a master in modern analysis for using big datasets in the Python and R language.

Course Duration: 18-24 months

Course Fees: $1500 USD

Skills Required: There is no need for enrolled candidates to know programming but it is mandatory for them to have a basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics.

5 - PGP in Data Science and Engineering (Full-Time)

PGP-DSE program provides 5 months of classroom and 9 months of online courses for both beginners and experts and for fresh graduates also who are looking to start a career in the field of data analytics and Data science. As the data science and analytics field has a large number of job opportunities, PGP-DSE helps in developing the right knowledge and skills needed to gain these roles. That's why this course comes as one of the best data science courses for beginners.

Course Highlights:

Convenient learning formats are provided
World-class experts and facilities provide the teaching to the candidates.

Opportunity to have analytics technologies hands-on training and learning.

Course Duration: 9 months online/5 months classroom

Course Fees: $4250 USD

Skills Required: There is no need for enrolled candidates to have a knowledge of coding and programming but it is mandatory for them to have a basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics.

6 - IIT Madras Degree Program in Data Science and Applications

One of the top Indian technical institutes provides a Bachelor of Science in Data Science and application and it is a 4-year degree program. And this is the world's first program which is providing data science and application BS degrees with an early exit opportunity.

Course Highlights:

Opportunity to get lectures from experienced faculties.
Interactive sessions are conducted between the candidate and mentors in order to provide learning guidance.
Learning with and from peers is also provided by making study groups among peers.

Flexibility is provided to the candidates for self-paced study.

Course Duration: 4 Years

Course Fees: $3825 - $4262 USD

Skills Required: There is no need for enrolled candidates to have a knowledge of coding and programming but it is mandatory for them to have the basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics.

7 - Machine Intelligence and Data Science course IIT Bombay

A machine intelligence and data science (C-MInDS) institute in IIT Bombay was set up in February 2020, for contributing to the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science growth, for also contributing towards the other domains related to this.

This institute was started with the aim to contribute its active participation towards the future talent pool nurturing in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. And this aim is achieved by it by providing the best teaching to the students.

Course Duration: 12 Months

Course Fees: $2307 USD

Course Highlights:

Opportunity to get familiarity with data science working and learn what is data science and how it thinks.
Opportunity to do Machine Learning and artificial intelligence hands-on practice.

Skills Required: There is no need for enrolled candidates to have a knowledge of coding and programming but it is mandatory for them to have a basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics.


These are the top data science courses for beginners in 2023. And the details of every course with its highlighted features, duration and fees are provided which will help you in selecting the best data science course.

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