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Ideas for newbie project

Hello fellow coders,

I am new to this community and I just wanted to say hello—this looks like a great place! I was wondering if I could please ask for some advice—I have been learning Python and I am thinking of starting a/several simple project(s) that I can do at my current ability. I really want to get myself in the mindset of making things rather than just learning about them. I'm trying to think of something not too convoluted that I can do to test my skills and improve them. My plan is to put a portfolio together while I'm learning so something that I could maybe use in the future. Any advice would be really appreciated! :)

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Well, what I did for my first big project was make a text based game where you collect resources, and then buy things that allow you to collect more resources. It helped me with lists, dictionaries, and classes, all of which I had been having a hard time with. So, my suggestion is that you make something that will be fun for you to make, use, and something that will test what you know. I know everyone is different, but I find making little games, instead of things that would be considered more practical, is a good way for me to put my knowledge and skills to the test. I am also learning python, which is what I use to make all of my projects.

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For my first bigger project, I was looking at public API lists to find something interesting to get data from, then process and present it on a web page. The NASA api is great, There's Spotify and Deezer, I used the RIDB api to find campsites near me. Enjoy!