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My journey of #CNC2021


Hi, I am Jay and currently pursuing my first year in NIT, Rourkela. I have recently started coding and while looking out for resources, I found the CodeNewbie Community. I saw that it was for people like me who were new to coding and were finding it tough with where to begin with. So I decided to join this challenge and try making something.


As I already said that I was looking for some resources, it was then that I got to know about this cool community.


I decided to make a game of chess since I have recently learned how to play it and am totally in love with it. I have as of now just got over my basic designing with html, css and a tad bit of javascript. I am now left to make the chess board which is going to be really tough. I have as of now made a coming soon page for my portfolio.

My final project

Sticking to it

I will try coding each day. Thanks to CNC I have got some ideas on my future projects. One of the best habit which I have instilled is learning to code each day. Now I have the motivation to complete all my future projects.

Overall Reflections

#CNC2021 has been a great experience. Reading those mails and getting ideas were really cool. I learned that with the right attitude I can definitely code well. And because of this I have been feeling great. Thanks #CNC2021 :) .

What's next for me

The first thing which I have to complete is my chess game. After that I have some more ideas for projects which I will be sharing with the community over here.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

BRAVO, Jay! This is awesome. Congrats on completing the challenge. We're so happy to have you here on COdeNewbie Community :)

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Thanks :) It means a lot.