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Sarah Bartley

The most impactful community I'm a part of is CodeNewbie. CodeNewbie is awesome because the support they provide to new developers with the podcast to the CodeNewbie challenges. It is a great positive place where new developers can connect and help each other. I also love how CodeNewbie is always looking for new ways to support devs any way they can.

I'd like to learn more about developer relations. I've seen a lot things related to developer relations online this year so next year I'd like to take some time to explore that a bit more.

I admire a lot of of the companies and organizations that are out there helping girls and women learn how to code. I especially admire Girls Who Code and specifically their mission because this is an organization I wished was around when I was younger since that would have helped me discover coding sooner. A company I also admire Skillcrush because they believe tech is for everyone and this belief is felt in everything they have done from the courses they created to the blog posts they have written.

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Kyle Pitocchelli • Edited on


Sounds like CodeNewbie has delivered tremendous value to you! I love to see this!
During my time at Webflow, our team worked directly with Girls Who Code to develop a summer immersion program that I believe is currently underway now! What a rewarding experience and amazing organization! 🙂

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Jaclyn Iulianetti

I love Girls Who Code! It's such an amazing organization.

Developer Relations is a really exciting space 😊 We hosted a bookclub with Mary Thengvall about her book "The Business Value of Developer Relations," where she talks about some key topics from her book, like the value of developer communities and her "DevRel Mantra." If you want to check it out, you can watch it here: