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Everything You Need to Know About Disney Codes Challenge

Join the Disney Codes Challenge

At the beginning of July, I published my very own coding challenge on Github! On July 4th, I published a GitHub repository for the Disney Codes Challenge. Disney Codes Challenge is a 57-day coding challenge where participants code Disney-inspired coding projects for 23 minutes each day.

So if you ever wanted to build a real-life web app for Al's Toy Barn or a website for the Avengers, here is your chance. I have committed myself to the Disney Codes Challenge publicly on Twitter and have been doing the challenge since July 5th using the hashtag #DisneyCodesChallenge. I'm doing this challenge alongside the second round of 100 Days of Code.

Right now I'm using the Disney Codes Challenge to revisit previous projects I made during the first round of 100 Days of Code and update the code. These projects are inspired by one of my favorite TV shows Once Upon a Time. If you would like to join the challenge, make sure you fork the official repo on GitHub below.

If you don't have a GitHub or just want to know about the challenge, this post is your guide on everything you need to know about the Disney Codes Challenge and how you can participate. I've also written another post that talks about how I created the Disney Codes Challenge. This post looks at what inspired me to create this coding challenge and how I took an idea from a CodeNewbie Twitter chat into a coding challenge.

==> Click here to fork the official repo for the challenge!

Challenge Rules

  1. I will tweet my commitment to the Disney Coding Challenge using the #DisneyCodesChallenge hashtag. If I feel bold and daring, I can say what character you'd like to code with. This character can be any character from anything Disney owns such as Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, etc.
  2. I will code for 23 minutes each day during the challenge.
  3. I will update the log page so others can read my progress and see what I'm building.
  4. I will tweet my progress every day using the #DisneyCodesChallenge hashtag.
  5. I will code projects. This means no tutorials, online courses, or any similar resources.
  6. I will code projects that are Disney-themed or inspired by anything that is owned by Disney. You can learn more about what counts as a Disney theme in the FAQs section below.


Q: What do you mean by a Disney-themed project?

Disney-themed projects are any project that is inspired by anything the Walt Disney Company owns. So, in short, that means yes you can make projects inspired by Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar. You can even make projects inspired by divisions of the Walt Disney Company such as anything for the Disney Parks, Disney Consumer Products, and even the TV channels they manage such as ESPN, National Geographic, and ABC. You can learn more about what Disney owns on the Walt Disney Company page.

==> Click here to visit the Walt Disney Company page!

Q. Can I do this challenge with other coding challenges (i.e. 100 days of Code, 301 Days of Code)?

Yes! Coding challenges are a great way of getting into the habit of coding projects and breaking out of the tutorials. This challenge is meant to do the same thing many of these coding challenges do only you get the opportunity to code with Disney characters.

Q: Do I need to use a specific programming language/framework for this challenge?

Nope! You can use any languages/frameworks you like during this challenge. I recommend picking languages and frameworks that will help you be a better developer. So pick ones that you might be learning in a tutorial or working with ones that you feel like you need more practice with.

Q: I just started learning how to code. Can I do this challenge?

Yes! This challenge is designed so anyone regardless if they are a newbie or a software engineer at Disney can do this challenge. Coding is similar to learning any skill so the more you practice, the better you will become.

Q: I can't think of any projects to build. What should I do?

Two great places to start are freeCodeCamp and The Odin Project. These are two popular dev resources that include projects students can do to practice new skills they are learning. You can use these project ideas as a base and then customize them to fit the Disney theme.

==> Click here to learn more about Free Code Camp!
==> Click here to learn more about The Odin Project!

Another great option to help you start is other coding challenges. Challenges such as 30 Days, 30 Sites, or Daily CSS Images are a great way to start building projects since these sites often come with daily prompts on what you can build each day. Be creative and use your imagination.

  • Do you want to try recreating the Disney Store website?
  • Would you want to build a website for Tiana's Palace?
  • Maybe you want to design a website for the Avengers.
  • Perhaps you want to create an app for Al's Toy Barn.

This is your chance to build your version of some of these projects.

==> Click here to learn more about 30 Days, 30 Sites!
==> Click here to learn more about Daily CSS Images!

Q: I have a blog. Can I post my log entries there?

Yes! Just use the log template to help you write your blog posts on your favorite blogging platform of choice.

Q: I love this challenge! How can I see what other people are doing for the challenge?

Search #DisneyCodesChallenge on Twitter. This is where you can see what others post and support others doing the challenge. At the time of this post, you can see all my posts and progress during the challenge. You'll learn about what I'm building and what happened when I was coding.

How can I join the challenge?

1.Read the Rules and FAQ pages.
2.Tweet your commitment to the challenge using the hashtag #DisneyCodesChallenge. You can also say which Disney character you'd like to code with if you like in your tweet.
3.Fork the challenge repo. If you like Disney Codes Challenge, make sure you click the ★ at the top right of the page.
4.Start coding every day for 23 minutes. At the end of each day, write a summary of the progress you made on the log page.
5.Tweet about your progress each day using the #DisneyCodesChallenge hashtag.

Have any questions about the Disney Codes Challenge?

Reach out to me on Twitter at @theoriginalbpc and I'll be glad to answer any questions you have. I'm planning on updating the challenge over time to make it better for people doing the challenge so any feedback or ideas are helpful. If you do decide to do Disney Codes, please let me know so I can support you and see all the projects you make.

  • The blog graphic belongs to Sarah Bartley. I created it with Visme.
  • This challenge is not affiliated or associated with the Walt Disney Company. I do not work for or am paid by Disney.

This post was originally published on July 30, 2019 on DEV. I made minor changes to the original post to work here on CodeNewbie.

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