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Discussion on: What's something you're struggling with?

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Chris Anderson
  1. I am struggling with doing coding outside of work.
  2. I am struggling to move outside of just knowing the base-level syntax and transferring that to a more in-depth project.
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I went through the exact same thing.

  1. Figure out if bad habits are keeping you from coding outside of work. I had a bad habit of playing on my phone after work instead of doing coding. I took some time to identify my bad habits and tried to make coding a more attractive habit after work by implementing small changes like leaving my phone out of the room.

  2. Find something you are passionate about and build a project for it. You will struggle at points, but that’s the best part. You reach out and get help and read the docs and find your way through it. It will be fun and aggravating at the same time. Just have to take that first step into the unknown and push yourself to master your Google-Fu.