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How to Make a Quiz in WordPress With Formidable Forms

1. Download and install Formidable Forms and the Quiz Maker add-on

To create a quiz in WordPress, you need a drag and drop form builder. Sure, there are some dedicated quiz plugins out there. But a quiz is really just a fancy web form.

2. Create a quiz form

Here's how you can create a quiz form using Formidable:
The first thing we need to do is create a form on your WordPress site.
To do this, go to Formidable β†’ Forms and click + Add New at the top of the page.
Drag and drop in the fields you need. These fields will act as your quiz questions. To make a multiple choice quiz, include dropdown or radio fields in the quiz form.
Add questions to your heart's content. Then, let's move on to the next step.

3. Add quiz scoring

Next, add a Quiz form action on the Settings Actions & Notifications tab. This is where all the quiz scoring is handled.
Before we go further, ask yourself this: do I want the quiz taker to see the score after they complete the quiz?
If yes, just select from the options to show the score, user's answers, or correct answers. Then your users will be able to see the quiz result!

4. Publish your quiz form

After creating your quiz, you'll need a place to publish it. On a WordPress website, this is usually done on a post or a page.

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How to Make a Quiz in WordPress With Formidable Forms

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