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Loreto Espiritu Torres
Loreto Espiritu Torres

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What’s the best resource to learn/re-learn Ruby on Rails

This is a RoR (Ruby on Rails) question: What is the best resource to learn/re-learn the latest version Ruby on Rails?

Years (it seems like “ages”) ago, I started to learn it; bought a book-and-software package from Borders (update: i just remember that it was from Barnes and Noble) and by the time I finally had my setup, everything is old. 🙁 And my learnings had gone to the wayside.

I am not in software dev right now. I am working in retail sales for a couple years now.(Before that I was an Uber/Lyft driver). However, I am working my way back to the Software Dev industry.

My presence in CodeLand is one of those steps. Learned a lot today.

What to do?

PS I initially posted this question in Discord and someone replied with this YouTube link, which I find very interesting —

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Hrishi Mittal

Chris Oliver (from Gorails) has a great free series for beginners.

I'm planning some new free tutorials for my newsletter subscribers. DM me if you're interested (don't want to spam the forum with my link).

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Aaron McCollum

App Academy Open is a free online version of their bootcamp and they teach Ruby/Ruby on Rails. That could be a good place to start.