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4 Most Scary Android Game Recommendations That You Must Try!

The scariest horror game on Android below is worth a try.

During the game, the hair on your neck will definitely stand up.

Horror game themes are always fun.

Although the gameplay can be a horror game is not too different, but in terms of experience, they are certainly superior.

You will get a gaming experience that makes the whole body tense and can be imagined until several days after playing.

Here are the 4 Scariest Horror Games on Andriod reported by Uptomods from various sources:

1. Detention

This first horror game is inspired by various horror stories in the famous scary continent of Asia, especially Taiwan.

In Detention, you must help two students who are trapped in a haunted school.

Detention is quite easy to play. Nonetheless, the horror atmosphere of this game really stands out.

2. Specimen Zero

The graphics that Specimen Zero brings are quite good in its class which makes the impression of horror more pronounced.

Not only the story that is the background of this game is also very terrible.

You will be a player who suddenly wakes up in an empty building.

  1. Dead by Daylight Mobile

Horror survival lovers must play this game.

Dead by Daylight Mobile is one of the scariest horror games on Android

In this game, you can choose to play alone or with a team of other players.

In addition to being a survivor, you can also act as an assassin in this game.

4. Evil Nun : Horror at School

The Horror Game from Evil Nun: Horror at School is also worth a try. Because horror games are also very popular.

You must escape the terror of a scary nun named Madeline that haunts the middle school.

There are various puzzles that you need to solve to get out of school. You have to solve puzzles without getting caught by the scary nun.

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