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How to stay focused when you work from home?

Hello everyone, I have a little problem. I have been working remotely for two years now due to the pandemic. I love working from home, but I began to notice that I get often distracted from work and waste time on all sorts of nonsense. Are there any ways to deal with it? Some apps, maybe? Meditation? Anything?

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Cristina {💡👩🏻‍💻}

You could give a try to the pomodoro technique:

  1. Pick a task
  2. Set a 25min timer
  3. Work on your taks without any interruptions until the timer rings
  4. Take a 5min break

Every 4 pomodoros, you can take a longer break (15-30 min) Your brain will use this time to assimilate new information and rest before the next round of Pomodoros.

There is even a useful pomodoro app:

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Valeriya Polyakova

Thanks a lot, I'll try it!

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