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Veni Kunche (she/her)
Veni Kunche (she/her)

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I’m Veni Kunche — Software Engineer, Founder, Community-Builder. Ask Me Anything!

Hey there!

I'm Veni Kunche — Software Engineer and Founder at Diversify Tech. In my work, I connect underrepresented people in tech to opportunities. I also help companies hire these folks!

I joined @saron on this week’s episode of the CodeNewbie Podcast. I hope you like the show.

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I’d love to answer any questions you might have about my work as an engineer and founder, community building, or anything else that you are curious about.

Ask me anything (AMA) in the comments below!

Discussion (11)

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Arit Amana

As a baby founder, 😅 I decided NOT to build a community around my nonprofit's programs, as I realized I couldn't give its members the attention and commitment they deserve.

How do you manage the DiversifyTech community? What advice do you have for other founders considering whether or not to have a community-element in their companies/orgs?

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Veni Kunche (she/her) Ask Me Anything

Hi Arit! My advice would be to see what works best for the members of your organization AND you as the founder.

Do you need like a Slack community where you may feel the need to be "on" all the time? Do you need a forum like community like this one where things can be more async? Would something like Twitter be enough where you can interact with folks through your brand and maybe have Twitter chats like #CodeNewbie does?

Whatever it is, make sure you have the bandwidth to maintain it and that it is actually useful to your members. Otherwise, you will burn out. If you aren't taking care of yourself, it'll be hard to take care of others 💜

If you are not sure on what you need, you can experiment. You can always change your mind.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Hey Veni,

It's so awesome to hear what you're up to with Diversify Tech!

Can you tell us about one of your favorite success stories that you've heard from an individual using Diversify Tech?

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Veni Kunche (she/her) Ask Me Anything

Hi Michael!

One of my favorites stories is of Nikema Prophet. She connected with her current company after she was featured on our blog and talent directory.

arya45 profile image

Hi Veni, I live in Copenhagen, DK and find it pretty hard to find the same drive and engagement that exists in the US or the UK about promoting diversity in tech. It's really missung, thank God for the internet ;) Do you know by any incredible chance any chapter in Copenhagen?

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Andy Zhao

Hi Veni! What's it like being both an engineer and a founder? Is it fairly different ways of thinking, and if so, is it hard to balance between the two?

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Veni Kunche (she/her) Ask Me Anything

Hi Andy! As a solo-founder, I wear a lot of different hats. I am the engineer, marketer, product person, etc. I started out with dev skills and had to pick up a lot of the other skills. I am a multipotentialite so it is fun for me to always be learning new things.

When I worked as a dev, I was usually given the requirements. I could just focus on coding. Now, I am also the one talking to members and coming up w/ requirements. At the beginning it was definitely hard because I wanted to spend all of my time just coding. However, coding is not the solution to everything so you have to pick up skills like marketing 😅

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Hello I have a question I’m a self taught in coding still really weird for me to say that since I was not able to go to school for it and I was misinformed since high school that I need to go to school for this up until I met someone through gaming who is a coder and told me I can teach myself and he’s been my mentor every since I have been cracking down on studying Exercises and any other tool I can find for 6 months now when would you say I would be able to apply for a job or how or what should I look for a self taught young coder thank you for your time.

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In React, what resources are there out there that will teach me how to take what has been selected in a form (an object is created that shows what has been selected) & to generate a PDF with a table(s)?

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iamMalan • Edited on

I wanna make something meaningful. And I love the process!
Assume you extreamly love what you're doing. Am I right?

jyotiprakashrout profile image

Hey, Veni!
Could you please share your LinkedIn profile link with me? I want to connect with you 😊