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Unlocking the Basics: What is Coding and How Does It Work?

People of the current generation cannot imagine life without gadgets, software, applications, and websites. Coding is the primary rationale behind the upsurge of technology and digitalization of the modern era which has made it possible for us to create video games, software, websites, and web applications. Any web development company uses coding while setting up their organization because coding is the only element of your website that search engines and social media platforms can see.

Despite being greatly tech-savvy, most people have no idea about coding and many get scared by it. Coding seems to be an abstract figure to a person who has never coded before. However, it is way easier than one would imagine. Every digital system would simply turn out into clutter, had humans not learnt coding languages. Humans need to instruct digital systems to execute bulk functions which are not viable to do manually. Instructions are thus provided in the form of binary codes.

Coding is currently one of the hottest learning topics. If you learn to code, then you can easily work in your preferred field and do wonders in that area.

What do you mean by Coding?

So, what is coding, what does it do, and how does it work? Let’s begin with the definition.

Coding is the process of providing commands to computers with the help of coding languages that is understandable to computers. Thus humans, through coding, set up instructions for computers to understand and execute some specific function.

Coding in computers is performed by utilizing programming languages that comprise symbols, words, and syntax rules. Programmers use certain coding languages to write codes. The codes are written in special software known as compilers and an assembler is employed to convert the coding language into language, thus enabling the computer to read and perform the code.

It allows computers to execute various duties like data processing, storing, automating repetitive tasks, creating new applications, games, websites, and more.

What role do computers play in coding?

The importance of computers in coding cannot be ignored. They play a major role in being the mediator in implementing the codes. The perception behind coding in computers is to set instructions that are needed to be executed. Computers have the processing speed, power, storage facility, and intuitive user interface that a programmer may require to execute the coding procedure.

Computers possess the capability to process large chunks of data quickly and accurately. They can also execute repetitive functions constantly without any intervals. All these traits make computers ideal for managing automation and cracking complex problems.

What is the use of coding?

Coding is primarily used to create new applications, websites, games, and several other day-to-day tools. In today’s world, domains of every field like sports, study, agriculture, medicine, entertainment, etc. utilize coding to optimize their business process. There are numerous benefits of learning code. Below we will discuss some of the common uses of coding:

  • Coding is used to develop websites, create new applications, and in graphic designing. Special video effects in movies and games are added with the help of coding.
  • It is also essentially used in visual effects (VFX).
  • Coding is essential to design communication mediums such as SMS, voice notes, and every social media platform.
  • Digital literacy is the ability to handle information correctly using specific technologies. Once you learn to code, you can easily adapt to your computer's features.
  • It helps people create applications, place them over various servers, and properly utilize them so that multiple users can use them simultaneously and enjoy their benefits.
  • If you learn to code, you can do your coding programs remotely at your convenience.
  • Every software program like MS Office, Calculator, and Accessories that are pre-installed in our computers are built using coding languages. Popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. have also been built using coding languages.

There is no age to learn to code as this is such a skill that will never be obsolete. You can always learn the hottest coding skills that are in high demand in the market. You will get to know the uses of coding if you can learn any one language. Once you get familiar with the fundamentals of any programming language, you can do wonders with that.

How does coding work?

If you are a computer student or someone who has a knack for electronic devices then you must be familiar with the term coding. Computers or other similar electronic devices are made up of transistors; they can’t comprehend or read human languages. They can only understand instructions in binary codes, which are ON and OFF and these two instructions are signified by 0s and 1s.

C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, C#, Perl, and Ruby are some of the most popular coding languages that are currently in use. These languages create modern applications. Each of these languages possesses its own configuration and rules which make them different from each other. Every language has its special features, benefits, and drawbacks as well.


In this article, we understood how quickly a computer operator and gained a brief idea about coding. But you must bear in mind that coding is just the process of writing codes to create and develop programs and applications. It can be said as a subset of programming, which involves logical reasoning, and scrutiny, and arranges a series of instructions for a program or application before any coding is prepared. Programming has a lot bigger picture and coding can be considered a fraction of that process. It should always be prepared after you overcome the analytical and planning stage.

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