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Viraj Deshaval
Viraj Deshaval

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How to get a full stack job remotely from India?

I am looking for a job as a Full Stack developer and I am not sure how I can get a job in the US/any other country as I am based out in India.

How to apply for a job and how to get an interview if you can give advice would be great.

If I can get a part time job it would also be great.

Also, I am working in IT Firm at the moment but I want to continue with both the jobs if possible so if you can guide me with that too would be great.

I have a full stack nanodegree and seek opportunity to explore.

Request you to please help me out.

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you can try LinkedIn to find remote jobs some sites offer remote jobs after some time from freelance work like upwork or fiverr you must be patient
last but not least check this website

ps: some remote jobs here
man check this also

try to be creative you can do this