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Discussion on: Hi, we’re Strapi and we’re excited to be at CodeLand!

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Rahul Ch.

Why did you become a developer? 💡
The Day I saw Floppy Disk Before Higher School, I decided to Explore more and then Journey Begins. Never Ending Story, I am the one First Developer/or CSE Engg. in my Family . I really Love to Design Code and Foremost My Fav UNIX love.

What's your content experience, have you used a CMS?
Yes I have used Couple of CMS tool including WordPress and few more.

Have you ever heard of Headless CMS? Strapi? Jamstack tools
I have heard but so far haven't get chance to work on that, Looking in Future to explore and work on the same.


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Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Ahh that's so cool Rahul! You don't see that many floppy disks these days. Also that's lovely to hear, sure your family is super proud!

You should totally give them a shot if necessary. What type of apps do you build?

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Melanie Almeida

Hello Rahul,

It's such an amazing achievement to be the first in our family to try a new path. Congratulations!

We are here to help you learn more about Headless CMS :-) Feel free to send us your questions.
In the meantime, enjoy the CodeLand event! :-)