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Discussion on: Hi, we’re Strapi and we’re excited to be at CodeLand!

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Nguyễn Đăng Khoa • Edited on

Why did you become a developer?
--> Because I love making beautiful websites and all the new libraries and frameworks keep me occupied everyday.

What's your content experience, have you used a CMS?
--> I know a little bit of Wordpress but I hate everything about it, it just looks outdated and boring to me.

Have you ever heard of Headless CMS? Strapi?
--> Jamstack tools? Jamstack, headless?? what are these new words I never heard about? 😂 I'm a .NET developer but javascript tech always interests me.


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Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Haha I love that! Any websites you wanna show off?

Also what library is your favorite at the moment?

haha I have lots of respect for .NET, built a few services with it. What about the CMSs you dislike would you like to see in other CMSs? Also Headless is pretty cool, I'm pretty sure there's a funky .NET CMS out there lol