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Discussion on: High order functions

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Denis Woldemariam Author

No I don't think so. Don't quote me though because I am still learning about it. I think you have a point. The point of the article was to introduce developers to the most used higher order functions in javaScript and that is the reason why I focused on the first kind. I should have given examples to the second as well but like you said I am not sure if we have those in javaScript. I will try to do some more research and see if I can give examples to that. Thank you for the feedback

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Daniel Uber

Yeah - I think I did a little looking around after I asked that question (MDN has a section on closures that's relevant), and it looks like there are performance reasons to not create functions at runtime the way I was showing - the JS runtime is able to do some optimizations when the functions are expressed in the code - and less able to do that when they're created in memory from a function call (like my compose example).