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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Write More" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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Xavier Jouvenot

Hi everyone 😃 !

I am continuing on the same trend as last week, by publishing an article about this challenge Mission in the following post 🙂
Unlike the article I have made about the Pre-Mission which was more an opportunity to introduce myself to the CodeNewbie community, this article talks more about the process I followed during this mission, heavily based on the instructions given by CodeNewbie for our homework.
It is a more personal article as it is very subjective and it will help me, at the end of the challenge, to look back on the steps I followed and see my progression.
Moreover, if you have any advice about how I could have made my post better, or if you only want to say "Hi", feel free to post a comment on it ! 🙂

To come back to the purpose of this mission, here are 5 ideas I have found, with the first 3 being the one that I will most likely pick for the rest of the Challenge:

  1. Tutorial - Adding a logo to a Chocolatey package 👍
    • Since I maintain several Chocolatey package and that this is an issue I have encountered very recently, it would be nice to share this knowledge with other, and i will be able to easily come back to it if necessary 😉
  2. Explainer - Time Management - Pomodoro 🍅
    • This is a time management technique that I use and enjoy on a regular basis, and would like to talk about with other member of the community
  3. Explainer - The benefits of Blogging 🖊️
    • I like this idea a lot as it synergize very well with this challenge, and I want people to give people the desire to write about what they like
  4. Technical - Interacting with GitHub from the command line 💻
    • This article could be an entertaining introduction to the tool gh which can be used to interact easily with GitHub from a terminal
  5. Explainer - GitHub Actions basics 🔗

If you want more details about those ideas, and how I came up with them, I have logged everything in this article, which will probably help me a lot for the next mission 😄

Finally, I want to thank CodeNewbie Team, as I really appreciate the work that has been done for each of the mail I received so far, and I really enjoy the application (Plant Nanny) that you highlighted ! ❤️

Thank you all for reading this relatively long comment,
Have a splendid day 🙂

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Nice work!! So glad you're enjoying the challenge.

YES — isn't Plant Nanny awesome?