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Discussion on: what am i doing wrong

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Jake Davis

Hi Omar, A few little tricks I am using to keep me motivated and feel like I am making progress to be self-sufficient are:

  1. After finishing a tutorial, pick a similar but slightly different project that you do for yourself. For example, after I finished my CSS tutorials, I tried to re-create a website I thought was well designed without looking at its code. 99.9999% of the time I get stuck and hit a wall, but learn more than I did before I started the project and also learned that I could figure out how to move past the wall, even if it was by doing research. Those little lessons outside the tutorials are helping to build my confidence.

  2. Find a BHAG(Big Audacious Hairy Goal) that is meaningful to you that you can think about while you are doing the tutorials. Build an app, design something, etc. This helps me to stay motivated as at least some of what I learn in the tutorials I then, at least try, to apply to my big project.

Good luck and keep it up!