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what am i doing wrong

what exactly should i be doing ?
ive picked a few technologies to learn c++, html, css, javascript, focusing only on frontend the first couple years.
the problem is ive done tutorials but i dont feel like i get anything from them because im basically just copying what is done in the videos, how do i go about actually programming a project of my own, what kinds of projects, how much or what should i be memorizing?
im devoting 2-3 hours a day to programming but i just get stuck and stop, what am i doing wrong or is there something im not doing? i would be grateful for your time and answers thank you.

what i have tried:

I'm reading books on the technologies i picked
watching videos on the technologies I've picked
doing tutorials from videos
but so far i haven't built anything on my own and im having anxiety about it so i just stop

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Andrew Baisden

Hey Omar it sounds like you are trapped in tutorial hell. Maybe you are trying to learn too many things at once. Start simple with HTML/CSS go ahead and build some websites. Then take it to the next level and add some JavaScript. All you need is practice to gain confidence.

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π•π•¦π•π•šπ•’ πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Hi Omar! I am a self-taught developer myself, and what I did to not face tutorial hell, is making checklists, started to code like someone would in a real company. All of my experience, my lists, my articles about it can be found on my learning roadmap. I think, if you can answer those questions you will find on the website, if you projects fulfill the requirements I set for myself back then, you are on the right path. I hope, this will help you a little bit. Reach out to me anytime :)

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Jake Davis

Hi Omar, A few little tricks I am using to keep me motivated and feel like I am making progress to be self-sufficient are:

  1. After finishing a tutorial, pick a similar but slightly different project that you do for yourself. For example, after I finished my CSS tutorials, I tried to re-create a website I thought was well designed without looking at its code. 99.9999% of the time I get stuck and hit a wall, but learn more than I did before I started the project and also learned that I could figure out how to move past the wall, even if it was by doing research. Those little lessons outside the tutorials are helping to build my confidence.

  2. Find a BHAG(Big Audacious Hairy Goal) that is meaningful to you that you can think about while you are doing the tutorials. Build an app, design something, etc. This helps me to stay motivated as at least some of what I learn in the tutorials I then, at least try, to apply to my big project.

Good luck and keep it up!