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How to Make Popup Coupon Promotions That Really Drive Sales

Coupon popups are one of the most effective ways of converting website visitors but only when done correctly.
In fact, there are tons of ways to display these popups. However, showing the right coupon to the right people and at the most appropriate time remains the best way to boost conversions.
In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to add a high-converting coupon promotion popup to your website.

What Is a Coupon Popup?

Popups are more than just collecting email addresses. When used properly, popups can be an essential tool for achieving different conversion goals.
And this is where coupon popups and promotional popups come into the picture.
These are targeted messages that offer your customers special discounts, coupons, or incentives to engage with your call to action (CTA).
However, to get the most out of your popup campaigns, you need to display it at the right time without hurting the user experience.

How to Make a Coupon Popup

Step 1: Install OptinMonster

First, you’ll need an OptinMonster account. Regardless of which platform you’re using (WordPress or otherwise), installing OptinMonster is super easy.
Today, we’ll install OptinMonster with WordPress. But if you’ve used another platform, we recommend checking out this resource: How to Install OptinMonster on ANY Website.
Otherwise, head to your WordPress dashboard.
Click Plugins » Add New from your WordPress side menu, and search for OptinMonster in the WordPress repository.

Step 2: Create Your First Coupon Popup Campaign

To get started, click Create New under the Popup campaign on your OptinMonster dashboard.
create a new popup
Next, you’ll need to select a template for your OptinMonster campaign.
Here, we’ve selected the Coupon template to create a coupon popup. This is ready out of the box, so it’s a great place to start.
However, you can select other templates if they’re more suited to your brand’s image or voice.
In fact, OptinMonster comes with 50+ stunning templates (all professionally designed) that you can use right away.
You can either scroll down or use the search box to locate the Coupon template.
choose the campaign template
Preview the template and click Use Template once you locate it.
After you select the campaign, name it, select the website where it will appear, and select Start Building.

Step 3: Design Your Campaign

OptinMonster gives you complete control over your campaign design. You can edit the coupon without writing any code, all thanks to the drag and drop builder.
You can use the drag and drop builder to change text, fonts, colors, add images, and a lot more.
Your coupon headline will likely determine how many people stop to read your offer, so make sure it’s powerful and convincing.
You can easily edit your campaign headline using OptinMonster.
All you need to do is to click on the headline and you can type directly in the OptinMonster builder.
Images usually reflect your business, the offer you’re making, or both.
But if you struggle to find professional photos, there are also plenty of places to get attractive images for free. Check out our guide to 39 Places to Find Images for Better Conversions.
Using the inline text editor and the drag and drop builder, you can quickly and easily make a stunning campaign in minutes.
Once you’re done modifying your coupon popup’s design, you’ll want to configure the settings that determine when, where, and to whom your campaigns appear.

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