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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Code More" Cohort 1] Tell us about your coding work session!

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Uchenna Egbo • Edited on
  1. Tell us about how your first work session for this mission went. What did you accomplish and learn? I observed that I just need to start to love what I am doing and not the other way round. I actually realised that I enjoy coding but the courage to dive in has always been the real struggle here. When I eventually get into it, everyhting else falls away and I suddenly realise that I actually love doing it.

I designed my task list to code at a time in the morning when my activity and productivity level is high. It has been a wonderful discovery.

I struggled a bit with what I am working on, took a brief break, got back to it and eventaully figured it out. I felt happy knowing that my perservarance paid off and that I didn't run away like before.

  1. Share a screenshot or photo of your planning board/calendar/journal