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Carrying on

I’d like to apologize for my absence over the past two months. What was supposed to be a family Christmas turned into tragedy as my mother passed away from Covid complications. She had been battling lung cancer and though doing well, her immunity had been weakened from radiation treatments. Suffice it to say, it had a massive negative impact on my life. During the first two weeks of grieving, I took a break from my web development mentorship so I could get myself together.

Fast forward to almost two months since my mother’s passing, the feeling is still fresh in my mind but with the help of the wonderful people in my life and on my team at Perpetual Education, I’m moving forward and making accomplishments once again.

Our primary focus has been building up our portfolio websites using the tools and skills we’ve learned so far along with some of our projects to showcase. I found myself struggling to come up with a design / color scheme that I wanted to use, but I realized that I had to step back and build the basics before adding themes.

After joining a class session talking about using JSON to store data and later calling that data using PHP, I decided to begin my own data file for my site. I admit that it’s been a challenge thinking like a programmer, but given the fact that it’s been my desire for over a year now, I’m excited to learn more and put it to use.

I’ve also been working on making project modules responsive to different breakpoints. I’ll be meeting with Derek this week to discuss my progress and get a signoff from the group. I’ll be sharing the page as I get more accomplished.

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In the words of Ivan Vanko, good to be back ;)


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