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Tech Journey Reflection

Choosing to embark upon a tech journey is not something that I would have ever visualized myself doing when I was younger, or even a few years ago for that matter. Adulthood has encompassed a lot of unlearning and discovery for me and I credit this to my new admiration for web development.

During this current time, the pandemic, I have been able to self-assess and figure out what I want out of life and what is important. Living in today’s society I have discovered and truly realize the importance of having a skill. No one can take a skill away from you. An in-demand skill can be utilized from the comfort of your home, even through a pandemic. This is partly the reason why I started this journey. Technical skills yield security. With this new journey I know that I will be able to create a more sustainable life for myself regardless of what the state of the world is.

Not only do I see myself becoming successful in my future tech endeavors, I also am making it an obligation to help others. Black and brown people and those from low socioeconomic and underrepresented backgrounds need and deserve better representation in various areas and industries in the U.S. My intentions are to learn valuable tech skills and in turn use those skills to make resources more easily accessible to those who are not given equal access. My hopes are to create apps and websites for my people so that they are able to get what they need. This could be: apps to locate neighborhood fridges, free events and training programs, health resources and provider directories. There are so many issues that a lot of people are faced with and I wholeheartedly want to do my best to make an impact. I will make a difference.

Technology is the future and we as a people are the future. I am over the narrative that society continues to play when it comes to minorities, specifically Black people. I am so proud to see so many people like me who too are paving the way in tech and using their voices and platforms to bring about change. This tech journey is to leave a legacy for the next generations to come.

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I absolutely love how you plan to give back to the community! Great post!

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Mel G

Thank you so much!!!