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Divtober drawings (so far)

Lynn Fisher is an amazing CSS Artist, and she is especially great at creating CSS drawings using just a single HTML element. In October, she organizes Divtober, a one-month challenge in which she draws CSS art based on different topics (and encourages other to participate, too). This is the list for this year:

I decided to try the challenge this year. Here are the drawings I've done (so far) for days 1-11. All of them should be visible in the main browsers, but not all of them will be animated on all browsers.

Day 1: Fan

An animated ceiling fan that starts moving when you pulled the string.

Day 2: Watch

A Neighborhood Watch sign.

Day 3: Quick

An animated version of Aesop's The Hare (the tortoise is quick but you may notice it's cheating by going on a rocket-propelled skateboard).

Day 4: Loop

An animated explanation of how a for loop works.

Day 5: Tired

A tired man falling asleep.

Day 6: Hungry

A hungry-hungry hippo (not a big fan of this one, to be honest).

Day 7: Toxic

A glowing toxic waste barrel. With video of how it was done!

Day 8: Growing

A small animation of a tree growing from the ground.

Day 9: Homonym

Two words are homonyms if they are written the same but mean different things. So I went with an animation in which a paper boat sinks in a sink.

Day 10: Organized

This was a tough one. I opted for drawing a member of a 1920s organized crime family. While I like the end result, this was not a good choice for CSS.

Day 11: Slice

A singing slice of pizza. By using the <audio> element, I was able to add some music (you may need to click on the pizza for it to start singing).

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