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What are your favourite Linux distros?

Linux is one of the most widely used Operating Systems used by Developers. Choosing a Linux distribution for your system is one of the major concern of many beginners who are starting their career in development. The other being which IDE to use for development. There are a lot of Linux distributions present and it really is a mind-boggling thing to choose one among them.

Some of the famous distros are Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora, OpenSuse, RedHat, and Kali, etc. Each one has its own pros and cons.

I would like to know about the favourite Linux distribution of fellow developers present on this platform and why did you choose that distro. Also for the more experienced developers, I have one more question that which distribution you would recommend to a new developer and the reason for that. I use Ubuntu because of its overwhelming large community for support and ease of use.

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I've been using Debian (the stable branch) for the past 6 months now, I got to say I like it. It's boring in a good way, after you have it configured there is nothing left to do... just a whole bunch of nothing. The only reason I wouldn't recommend it to a someone not familiar with linux is because it takes some knowledge (and patience) to get it into that state where everything "just works".

For a new developer any Debian based distro with an active community will do. Most of them are pre-configured and ready to go for a daily usage.

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life in 10 bit

I feel like the first thing anyone should do is use what OS ( operating system ) they are the most comfortable using.

When I see most guides for beginners they are mostly using Windows or Mac OS not Linux.

I have tried Linux in the past and come back to Windows as that is what I know the most, learning to code and learning a new OS would be asking too much, at the beginning.

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I think that, like many others, the first Linux OS I ever used was Ubuntu. I did play around with other distros like Fedora, CentOS and other Debian based options a few years ago which was a fun phase of exploration for me.

I tend to stick with Ubuntu for most situations because I'm used to it, and also like you mention, there's a lot of Q/A documented online already so that makes it easy/comfortable to troubleshoot for me 😄