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Anthony Nanfito
Anthony Nanfito

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About Me

πŸ‘‹ Hi, I’m Anthony

I am a mathematics teacher studying to be a front-end web developer. I'm interested in designing web applications to make the web a fun, safe, and accessible place for everyone. I'm open to mentoring, collaborations, and employment opportunities. I blog about my tech and career transition journey at Anthony's Techie Thoughts. Thanks for stopping by. Happy coding!

🎯 My Progress:

  • πŸ“– Currently studying JavaScript, but I have experience with data analytics, Python, R, and HTML/CSS
  • 🀝 Looking to connect with others to learn and grow as a developer
  • πŸ’» You can view my projects & certifications on my portfolio site

πŸ”— How to connect with me:

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Thomas Bnt

Hello and welcome here! πŸ‘‹πŸΌβœ¨

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Anthony Nanfito

Thank you! It’s good to be here. 😁