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Decoding Success: Understanding 70-411 Exam Objectives

Configure Network Services (15-20%)
In this objective , you will address key aspects of configuring network services in a Windows Server 70 411 Exam Objectives 2012 environment:
Configure DNS: Name System (DNS) is critical for name resolution on networks. You will learn about configuring DNS zones, DNS records, and DNS replication to ensure that name resolution functions smoothly.
Configure DirectAccess: DirectAccess is a remote access technology that provides seamless connectivity to a corporate network. This subtopic involves implementing server requirements for DirectAccess and configuring client settings to enable remote access.
Configure a Virtual Private Network (VPN): VPNs allow secure remote access to a network over the internet. You will learn how to configure VPNs and routing to enable secure, remote connections.
Configure the Active Directory Infrastructure (15-20%)
The Active Directory infrastructure 70 411 Exam Objectives is the heart of Windows Server administration. This covers various aspects of configuring and managing AD:
Configure a forest or a : A forest or structure defines the hierarchy and organization of AD objects. This subtopic includes configuring trusts to establish relationships between s, creating AD subs for efficient administration, and configuring multiple user principal name (UPN) suffixes to simplify user logins.

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