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Chastity (Chas) Benton

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A never ending coding journey

Coding truly is a never ending journey and I've certainly got my hands full. Three weeks ago, I stepped up to the challenge to learn to code in hopes of changing my career and boost my confidence. I boldly entered 3 Bootcamps, while working full-time, to wire my brain into school mode and have been swimming in the sea of code ever since. Two of my bootcamps focus on web development, with languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and the third bootcamp focuses on Python, machine learning, and data science. Like I said, bold.

But I am not in the slightest bit afraid and continue to find myself surprised at how much I can now accomplish in these short 3 weeks. I have built simple websites using HTML and CSS, cleaned up data, compiled data, made data into organized tables (all in Pandas), and fixed broken code after hours of intense staring. I have truly never felt more alive.

To say I am excited to learn more and advance in my coding journey is an understatement. I literally dream in code now. This morning I was dreaming on figuring out loops, booleans, and CSS media queries and thought the time on my alarm clock was the solution to the code.

Anyway, I hope to continue sharing my lovely coding journey within this platform and many more. I'd love to be given challenges as I continue to progress so please feel free to add some if you come across my posts. I do love the learning behind the struggle.

The end goal is to be a happy, successful software engineer. Tomorrow is just one step closer to that <3.

Happy coding everyone!

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