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Hello friends!

It's another week down of coding and new things have been happening!

I dipped my feet into machine learning to test the waters, but I certainly didn't see the deep hole as I stepped into the sea. For the first time, I stepped into a concept where I do not understand the reason I am writing the code nor what is it doing. It was weird and certainly brought me some frustrations. I am hoping that eventually these concepts can clear themselves up as I continue coding them.

Due to my intense focus on Machine Learning and the intensity of work, I started to fall more behind on 100Devs, which only brought me more sorrows and frustrations. I have to constantly tell myself that this isn't a race, it's a marathon and I can take my time learning the joys of code as long as I see the end goal. It's tough, but I promise I am trying and do not plan on giving up.

I am graduating from G{Code} house!!!! I am excited yet extremely sad over this. I bonded with some wonderful people in this program and I learned so much. This program has been a HUGE help in opening the doors to web development and inspired me to continue my love for coding. They were the first program to give me a chance and I forever feel grateful to the wonderful staff to said 'yes' to my application. I would recommend anyone, if you're able, to sign up for their cohort. I promise it will be worth the while!

For my next goal, I pray that I will be accepted into this program which will greatly help enforce my programing skills and provide me opportunity for apprenticeship. I am calling it out into existence that I already got accepted, but the anxiety of rejection is still there. I really am knocking on these doors of opportunity that are finally dropping in front of me and I hope one of them opens the door for me to come through.

That's all for me folks. As always, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest! Happy coding!

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