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Bethany Jepchumba for CodeLand 2022

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[On-Demand Talk] Accessibility in Design

About this talk

Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, once said:

"The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect."

However, not all websites created are accessible. As a designer, you have the power and responsibility to make sure that everyone has access to what you create regardless of ability, context, or situation.

How can you create not only beautiful designs but also ones that can speak and be well understood by a wide range of users? This session will cover what is accessibility and you can intentionally ensure your designs are accessible and inclusive.

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🌈 Comment below and ask me questions — I might just answer them during my live speaker discussion!

About me

Hello! I'm Bethany Jepchumba. My mantra is "recreating stories, enhancing experiences". I aim to improve experiences whether it is through design, code, or leadership. Currently, I'm is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Formerly, I was a Program Coordinator at Andela.

This on-demand talk is part of CodeLand 2022 — a virtual conference brought to you by CodeNewbie & DEV on June 16 & 17, 2022.

Top comments (24)

cbid2 profile image

Do you have any advice for those who want to create accessible code but are very new coding(e.g., me)?

devencourt profile image
brian bethencourt

Have you worked much with speech-to-text tools? If so, have you observed any areas of this field that still need to be improved? My impression is that the field still has a long way to go but I also don't have much experience with it myself!

anyanka profile image

I really liked the point about empathy. Often people creating a product seem annoyed by being forced to make their product accessible for everyone because it is "so much work" but it's not if you keep in mind that you're doing this for other humans. And sharing is caring!

aigarspl profile image
Aigars Pluģis

One of topics what I was waiting for!

hellotjphan profile image
TJ Phan

Thank you so much for the talk and resources, Bethany. If there's anything I want to brand myself with it's this, removing accessibility barriers to the tech world so that all can be a unified community.

mburkhardt52 profile image
Michael Burkhardt

I know I still have blind spots so talks like this are really important to me, thank you!

timdehof profile image
timDeHof • Edited

definitely learned alot for this talk! now I have a foundation on this topic and where to go from there. Is there any other websites that can check your website or app for Web Accessibiliity?

funnyguy_des profile image

i loved this talk

fizzybuzzybeezy profile image
fizzybuzzybeezy • Edited

Hi Bethany! Thank you for your talk! My elderly aunt has mobility and vision problems. I mentioned this in Laurel's comments. In fact, my aunt is blind, but cognitively sharp as a tack. She's found a severe lack of tools (even from Apple) that would allow her to take a device straight from the box and set it up on her own. Did I mention that she's fiercely independent, LOL? She was always an avid reader and would love to use what's left of her sight again. She is really into audio books she gets in the mail from her states program for the blind.

I'm trying to help her out, but do you have any ideas? Thank you!

vcerpasalas profile image
Valeria Cerpa Salas

I think it is a very interesting topic, I had a coding mentor who had vision and color perception problems, and he was very concerned that his designs should consider the limitations of people. It is a great lesson to take into account.

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt

How did you first become interested in web accessibility? 😃🎊

victor_gp profile image
Víctor González Prieto

Very interesting! Will take a look at the "further reading" when I have the time.

As a side note/ suggestion, GitHub just released this Prism tool for creating color palettes that has a WCAG contrast checker backed in.

And it also uses a perceptually uniform color space, which gets human perception of colors way better than most existing color/palette pickers.

Here's the announcement post.

talib1996 profile image
M.Fahad Imtiaz

What are tools that we can use to help us assist in making web accessible?

ebislab profile image

Im planning on studying for the CPACC, but will that be enough to make me a competent frontend developer where I can apply what I've learned into my work?

yuridevat profile image
𝕁𝕦𝕝𝕚𝕒 👩🏻‍💻

Great advice, great examples. Thanks for the great talk, Bethany!