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Register for CodeLand 2021 β€” and See Who's Speaking!

A few months back, @saron announced that CodeLand is returning for its 5th year this fall as a virtual conference.

Since then, the CodeNewbie community has been hard at work submitting talks for CodeLand and videos for CodeLand Recess. They have also been asking great questions about this virtual gathering for early-career developers and their champions both on Twitter and right here on CodeNewbie Community.

Today, we're thrilled to share that the official lineup of CodeLand speakers is live β€” and you can now register to join us!

Here's how to claim a seat at CodeLand...

1. Sign up for an account on CodeNewbie Community if you don't already have one You'll need it to get the full CodeLand experience in September.

2. Register via We recognize that many early-career developers might not be in the position to pay for an event ticket right now. That's why CodeLand 2021 is pay-what-you-want. If you can't afford to pay anything right now, join us for free (just change the $15 β€œsuggested price” to $0 when registering).

3. Spread the news! We want to make CodeLand available for as many newbie programmers and professional developers as possible. We'd love it if you could share the news with your network, so please tell your friends, mentors, and colleagues you'll be attending CodeLand. Don't forget to tag @codelandconf and @codenewbies and include the hashtag #codeland.

Meet the CodeLand 2021 Keynote Speakers

Are you ready to find out who you'll be hearing from at CodeLand? Great! We can't keep it to ourselves any longer πŸŽ‰

We're excited to present the four CodeLand 2021 keynote speakers β€” all with different backgrounds, stories, areas of expertise, and places they call home...

Anna Lytical Headshot
Anna Lytical (@theannalytical) β€” Coding Drag Queen, Developer Experience Engineer @ Google.

Anna will be presenting the talk "Coding's a Drag" on September 23, 2021.

Ben Halpern HeadshotBen Halpern (@ben) β€” Creator of DEV and Co-Founder of Forem.

Ben will be presenting the talk "Everything We Forgot to Tell You About Forem" on September 24, 2021.

Gift Egwuenu HeadshotGift Egwuenu (@lauragift_) β€” Frontend Consultant at Passionate People, Content Creator.

Gift will be presenting the talk "One Rule to Rule Them All: Learning in Public" on September 24, 2021.

Helen Hou-SandΓ­ HeadshotHelen Hou-SandΓ­ (@helen) β€” Director of Open Source Initiatives at 10up, Lead Developer for the WordPress open source software project.

Helen will be presenting the talk "Musical Lessons for Engineering Teams: Developing a Culture of Feedback Cycles" on September 23, 2021.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a series of interviews with our keynote speakers ❀️

To view the full CodeLand 2021 program, including 16 additional speakers who will be presenting on-demand talks, please click here

We can't wait to celebrate early-career developers and the power of coding communities with you at CodeLand 2021. See you there!

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gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Let's gooooo!

Rainbow cat

aaron profile image
Aaron McCollum

Hey @graciegregory16 do you know if the sessions will be recorded? I’d like to sign up but the time difference is literally night and day πŸ˜…. I plan on registering and watching replays once I’m awake if that’s possible.

gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Hi Aaron! Keynotes and on-demand talks will all be recorded :)

Thread Thread
aaron profile image
Aaron McCollum

Awesome, thanks! Will register when I get home.

aaron profile image
Aaron McCollum

Very excited for this!

julzhou6 profile image
Julie Zhou

Wondering will there be a schedule posted with the times for the panels/talks?

raulrd3 profile image
Raul Rodriguez III

Anyone else have trouble registering? I get error stating "this account cannot currently make live charges"