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Welcome Thread - V47

Welcome everybody to the CodeNewbie Community!

Inigo Montoya (from The Princess Bride) is looking down the mountain at Wesley who is climbing up it. He calls out "Hello, there!"

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Make some new friends by responding to another newbie's comment πŸ‘‹ Feel free to follow one another, too!

P.S. If you have a technical question, you've come to the right place! Use the #help tag in a new post to ask the community for assistance with writing your first line of code, picking a tool to use for a particular project, or anything else. No question is too basic.

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kbrakeal profile image
Kylan Brakeall

Hi everyone! I've been listening to CodeNewbie for a few months now and figured it's time to get involved. I'm an Applied Computing student, mostly building with Java, but I enjoy learning about all things coding!
Feel free to follow and connect, I'm always open to chat about code or projects :)

preshpi profile image
Precious Egwuenu

Hello everyone!

I am a highly motivated Frontend Developer with 0-2 years of experience in the field. Although relatively new in the industry, I have developed a strong foundation in React JS and have contributed to several successful projects. My passion for coding and problem-solving drives me to continuously learn and grow in my skills. I am eager to bring my technical expertise and collaboration skills to a new opportunity where I can further develop my career as a Frontend Developer

jakefair97 profile image
Jacob Fairweather

Hi everyone!

I'm an aspiring web developer who has done some self-learning for about a year now and I'm taking what I hope is a huge step forward by joining a tech bootcamp. I'm excited to learn everything I can to break into the tech industry and continue to learn all that there is to being a programmer!

bdtay profile image

Hey hey! I've wanted to learn how to code for a while now so I am finally making the leap and I'm excited to be starting the journey. I'm mostly learning for personal projects, work, and just to see what I can create once I've gotten the hang of it.

solomedianet profile image
Solomon Awah

Hi, I’m Solomon Awah and happy to be here. I am a computer Engineer and live in Nigeria, have 2 startup companies Muratore and solomedianet. Looking to improve myself on technical operational skills like site reliability engineering, scaling and automation of tech infrastructure. Hope I came to the right place

usmanrabiu212 profile image

Hi everyone! I I'm so excited to see my self here, I got to know about this community from YouTube, I'm a student (undergraduate) studying computer science and will to specialise on frontend web development, I have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS,
Willing to learn from my fellow ones and also ready to help the ones I can. nice to meet you all.

sirinshetty profile image
Siri N Shetty

Hi everyone! I am glad I joined this community. Let's start a new journey! Yay!

jtw profile image
James Webb

I’m in global business development at a Korean tech start up and I’ve started to learn to help me understand our product better and as a hobby. I’m currently learning JavaScript.

nattes profile image

Hi I am learning python and am also new to linux so I often get stuck with veryyyyyy basic things.

serge07cloud profile image
Serge Landry

Hi everyone.

Here to explore, share and learn about technology and others coding style and realisations.

Let's have fun!