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A reflection on my CNC2022 Code More journey

Name: Dakshita

Title: Associate System Engineer

#CNC2022 Cohort: Code More

Code More" Goal: I want to improve my coding skills and learn frameworks.



Hello, I am Dakshita and I wanted to improve on learning and maintaining the motivation.

Mission 1

For mission 1, my top three assumptions for reaching my goal were:
Having the discipline to code consistently
Maintaining motivation.
Getting time to learn

Mission 2

For mission 2,i have planned a schedule for work sessions by breaking down the goals into tasks.

Mission 3

For Mission 3, i felt the the plan was going right on track as scheduled.

Mission 4

For Mission 4, I started panicking because of the deadline.
And it set me back.

Sticking to it

By making sure that i complete the task when it was scheduled for and not keeping it for later.

Biggest Challenges

Biggest Challenge for me was to maintain the motivation to keep going even after some hiccups.


Learning about managing the time.

What's next for me

Keep moving forward and taking the things i have learnt.

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