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My 100 days of coding

I am starting my 100 days challenge to learn python from today. I have been doing some python on and off but consistency was a big challenge in my journey since I have two kids to look after. I Hope 100 days of coding will make me consistent and help me to learn programming without wasting my time.

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Dennis Tobar

Hello there! You did your first step: start :)

Keep going, and don't feel shy if you don't understand something: ask in StackOverflow, here, or your course (if you are in a guided course). Remember, every one, one day, was junior and don't have any knowledge about programming :)

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McKenna Bramble

Hi! Good luck! Juggling two kids is a lot to handle, but it is great that you are doing the 100 days of code :)

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Christopher Akinsanmi

That's good, Also remember why you started.