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Blockchain, AWSome Day, AI...

Welcome to "Today in X". In today's edition, read AI-generated summaries, and discover new products, and free learning resources.

Did you know that the first computer mouse was made of wood? Inventor Douglas Engelbart created the mouse prototype in 1964, and it had a wooden shell with two metal wheels. Thankfully, modern mice have come a long way since then!


SynopsAI 🤖

AI will supercharge productivity. Will workers benefit?

AI and Productivity: Artificial intelligence promises greater productivity growth than any technology before it, but it threatens to worsen pay and wealth inequality.

Productivity and Pay: Since the 1980s, productivity gains have gone almost exclusively to executives and owners of companies, leaving average workers behind and fueling the widest wage and wealth gaps on record.

AI's Impact: If AI delivers, and those productivity gains continue to elude everyday workers, wage and wealth gaps will widen further, perhaps significantly.

Policy Interventions: There are policy interventions that could help narrow wage and wealth gaps such as adopting a system of co-determination, requiring companies to disclose compensation data, and establishing a sovereign wealth fund that would invest in AI.

- via Hindustan Times


The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has expressed criticism of the new EU-wide artificial intelligence rules. During a talk at University College London, he stated that he disagrees with the designation of ChatGPT, GPT-4, and similar forms of generative AI as "high risk." Altman has met with EU regulators and has concerns about some of the language in the law.

If the law moves forward with its current or similar language, it would compel AI firms to comply with additional sets of requirements that Altman is against. However, Altman is not against all AI regulations and believes that there will need to be an international governing body as current models grow toward human-level knowledge and beyond.

- via Futurism

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Events 📢

HackOnChain Blockchain Hackathon

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AWSome Day Online Conference

This is a comprehensive and complimentary cloud training program led by AWS experts. This one-day event equips participants with essential knowledge about AWS Cloud, including its core services and their potential for driving innovation across various industries. By attending this conference, you'll gain valuable insights and skills to accelerate your achievements on the AWS Cloud platform. Register here.

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Resources 📚

Resource Library - Google Tech Dev Guide

Here you can find all of the different resources in the Guide: practice problems, former Google interview questions, online courses, videos, and more. Check it out!

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Course (CLF-C01) - Pass the Exam!

This is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with foundational knowledge and skills in AWS cloud computing. This course covers essential concepts, services, and best practices, enabling participants to understand AWS cloud architecture, security, pricing, and operational principles. Thanks to freeCodeCamp.

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