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Hello World

Hello, My name is Mike Finnegan. I am 47 years old. I have started my journey into development a bit late, but I felt I had a lot of other things to do first to get me here. So, I started the online bootcamp on Udemy in June. This is the Colt Steele bootcamp. I have gone through the HTML, the CSS, and the JS. I am finishing up with the mongo section now and about to tackle the big final project, YelpCamp. Now that we know what I've been studying, I'll tell you about me. I am a husband and father. We have 3 kids here at the house. My wife works from home. I do side hustles here and there and have committed to really learning how to code. I decided this because I have always played around with computers. When I was younger, my family owned an online retail store. I learned a little about HTML from that, but I think at that point I was more interested in the hardware side and networking. I was a network specialist at an AV company here in Dallas for a while, but I really didn't have room to grow there. I got bored. I am an artist, or really a creative type all around. I mainly draw and paint, but sculpt on occasion, do tattoo work, write, play some guitar and drums, and fiddle around with pretty much anything that lets me express myself creatively. I have worked many kinds of jobs over the years and have done well, but I've never been truly excited about any of them, until now. So, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I first sat at my computer and opened up VS Code. I was definitely overwhelmed. Now though, I am consumed. I try and put in at least 5-7 hours per day. If I cant commit that much time, I at least sit down and throw a frontend mentor challenge together or do some CSS Battles. I rarely take a day off. After all of the YouTube videos and podcasts I've been listening to, and after dealing with the mongo and database things, I really have decided that front end is the path for me. I really enjoy the creative side and the instant gratification it provides. So, where I'm at right now...I'm still overwhelmed. Usually I feel that I'm doing well in my studies, but being that I really don't interact with a lot of other people in development, I really don't know if I'm progressing at a good pace or not. I do know that my weak point is Git. I have only posted a few things on GitHub and know that I need to keep pushing more and get more familiar with it, but I just haven't worked my way around to it quite yet. So, I am looking for someone that can lend a helping hand here and there and help kind of put me in the right direction and someone that I can bounce a few things off every now and again. I appreciate all you guys are doing on this site and look forward to sharing my journey with others.

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