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Rejections and ghosting - important to remain determined and optimistic!

It's been a hard couple of days. Two recruiters who reached out to me about jobs I applied for and said I'd be a great candidate completely ghosted me. I've had several rejections for junior UX/UI roles that I've applied for with a very generic response on why they rejected me, nothing that I can fix, change or work on.

Job searching and applying is a job in itself, it's a very tiring, lengthy and time-consuming process. Combine that with the lack of junior or entry level UX/UI roles - it's hard out here. So I'm trying very hard not to let the rejections get to me.

My immediate thought is, am I ever going to find the job that will let me into the industry? Will I ever get my foot in? Am I kidding myself and should go back to my old industry I was in?

I'm trying very hard not to internalise the rejections and the ghosting. I have to, want to and do believe that this industry is for me, I deserve to be in it, to be here, to have a career that I want and I have to keep pushing forward. I have to accept the rejections but not let them defeat me because I believe in myself, I believe in my talent and skills and my abilities and what I have to offer.

You have to as well. If you're going through the same thing, just know you aren't alone on that boat, there are many others with you on it. Our time will come, we just have to continue pushing forward for it. There is no other choice.

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