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Started off in front-end, now I love UX/UI

UX/UI - Front-end developer, content creator and photographer 😊 Self-care & mental health advocate!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
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I started my tech journey last year in December when I started off my first ever course in front-end development. I really fell in love with coding and thoroughly enjoyed the challenging and creative element as well as the possibilities of things I can do and achieve with the coding skills I am learning.

Then come March 2021 and I saw a UX design course by Google and decided to go for it. I've always been interested in user experience, I have a degree in psychology and love human behaviour and cause it was a course by google, I thought let's try it and go for it.

I have to say, I loved every second of it, it felt like home to me, second nature almost. A lot of the content was something I was very familiar with due to my studying psychology and we studied behaviour quite extensively.

Now I have decided that my main career and goal is to work in UX/UI with side dishes of front-end coding. I definitely want to continue my coding journey and learn, develop and grow more confident in that but I can't ignore how much I love UX/UI.

Another goal of mine is to look into robotics and artificial intelligence, one thing I've learned ever since I have started my tech journey is that the sky is your limit, you can try and learn something new at any time which is super amazing cause I love to learn and study.

I am excited for my future, about the things I can see myself doing.

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Andrew Baisden

UX/UI is so beautiful.

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FURGIE 📸 🧖🏾 Author

Absolutely love it! It's been an amazing and best discovery for me - I love psychology and human behaviour, studied it for 3 years and they were the best 3 years of my education so yeah UX/UI is very beautiful